Since 2018 la maison artist in residence program provides an intimate gathering and work situation for most diverse disciplines in the arts. The quiet and free spirited ‘maison’ with it’ s gardens is located in a tiny village between Strasbourg and Baden-Baden, in Alsace, northern France. The space in middle of nature wants to connect artists in research of personal or global answers of a positively maturing world. In collaboration with art institutions like the Arts & Nature Social Club talks with leaders in science, arts and entrepreneurship are initiated to discuss key questions of our time in context of the exhibitions or works created during the artist residencies.

Artists in Residence
2024/ Constanze Vogt
2023/ Stefan Armbruster
2022/ Alex Giles
2021/ Iryna Maksymova
2020/ Friederike Reveman
2018/ XOOOOX

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