Vernissage “Future [+]” 
Thursday, 23.05.24 / 17:30 -19:30
with Nadine Schemmann, Gary Schlingheider, Johannes Mundinger, Enrico Bach. la maison @Future [+] Space, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 3 / 76530 Baden-Baden

Art has the power to spark inspiration, broaden our minds, and offer alternative perspectives on the world. Ideally, it provides an inspiring platform for fostering future-oriented communities, reflection, and collaboration. Just as the tone sets the music, abstract forms of expression can create moods and energies that immerse us in an artistic realm of strength. This strength is something we can greatly benefit from during challenging times: cultivating resilience, active optimism, and unity. This exhibition of abstract paintings and sculptures aims to shed light on an aspect of our world that embodies many facets of positive change. It aligns perfectly with the vision of the Future [+] initiative, which supports this project.

Binding registration until May 20th via mail to

With the friendly support of Future [+] and in cooperation with Peter & Martina Schreck from Rizzi & Co Fine Food Affairs.


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